Experience Education Like Never Before

Academic and interactive web tools as Google Classroom, Zoom video conferencing, online curriculum, internal email, our proprietary website and more, allow PowerX Online Academy to:

•Create a virtual classroom experience where teachers and students work together in a supportive environment.

•Connect students, teachers, and the entire PowerX Online Academy community to one another.

•Guide students through a rigorous curriculum that meets all national and international requirements and students’ individual learning needs.

Our Teachers are carefully selected

At PowerX Online Academy, we boast of talented, international, virtual teachers who have been carefully selected. Their motivation is the opportunity to work with students individually and to make a difference in their lives. Every teacher at PowerX Online Academy has a genuine respect for young people and believes strongly in collaborating with parents to prepare each student for success.

Because they know their students well, our teachers can personalize lessons and coursework to ensure that each student receives the right degree of challenge or support.

Every lesson is made exciting by our tutors.