We are a non governmental organization that provides a global e-learning platform geared at giving the highest priority to education for kids anywhere around the globe. We are partners with a UK based e-learning institute to deliver a 21st century teaching-learning platform.

E-learning was once not given much prominence as distance learning was seen as not worthwhile. However, due to globalization and the need for effective teaching-learning outside the classroom setting, virtual learning has taken a new dimension of filling a vacuum and bridging the gap for persistent knowledge seekers, who wish to take education to the next level.

PowerX Academy, as one of such online schools, was established during the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, and as thus recorded outstanding performance. The positive feedback from our students and their parents have been phenomenal.

Education is a gift that none can take away. What we learn becomes a part of who we are. Get your kids registered with us today and feel our impact.

Eligibility and Enrollment: students who are home-schooling or those seeking additional knowledge to what they know are eligible to enroll at PowerX Online Academy.

A child to be enrolled at PowerX Online Academy must be at least 6years old as at the time of registration with the parents’ or guardians’ consent. Having met this requirements, candidate thus proceeds to filling the school’s private class form which requires giving full details of the prospective student. This is necessary for data keeping.

Tuition fee at PowerX Online Academy is structured on a monthly basis: $50(#10,000) per subject. This is payable into the school’s account; After confirmation of payment, the student will be automatically assigned to his/ her respective class(es).

At PowerX Online Academy, we offer digital skills, entrepreneurial skills, critical thinking skills, coding, robotics and artificial intelligence, collaboration skills, English Language, Mathematics(IGCSE),Physics, Chemistry, Quran Hifz, Arabic Classes, Biology (WAEC,GCE,JAMB).

PowerX Online Academy operates a 3-term online academic session with fixed dates that include public holidays. Our classes are on a daily basis except Fridays, with the maximum of 6 subjects a day. We also offer intensive programs from time to time such as workshops, public lectures, seminars, debates, scholarly talks among others, all within each session.

Our virtual classrooms are operated to create a conducive teaching-learning atmosphere for both the instructors and students. We offer courses from grades 1-12.
– Requirements: Students are required to have active internet connection; Zoom software, to interact with their instructors and colleagues during Zoom group meetings.
– Policy: Students must be in class at least 10mins to the commencement of the lecture, with parents’/guardians’ supervision where required. Students are required to be in a noise free and serene environment, they must not leave the class without permission and in case of absence, genuine reason must be given. Failure to comply may warrant a fine.

Courses at PowerX Online Academy are taught by selected experts across the globe with years of experience. Our tutors are committed to achieving excellent success. They engage the students in interactive teaching, as well as give prompt follow up and support where need be.