Choose the Best Virtual School Option to suit Your Student’s Needs

Unlike traditional homeschool programs, PowerX Online Academy has a teacher-led, student-focused, and flexible learning program to fit your student’s needs or interests:

Full-time Grades 1 – 12 programs provide a comprehensive private school experience—including clubs and activities, academic/career counseling, annual science and technology competition, Qur’an recitation competition and more.
Individual course solutions help students get ahead, catch up, or explore new subjects through a number of online courses.

Virtual Classroom Technology Built to Inspire

Imagine the possibilities of an accredited, private online education delivered directly to you through online learning technology. PowerX Online Academy expands the definition of the classroom to include just about anywhere you go.

At PowerX Online Academy, learning gets better and easier every step of the way.

Choose the Best Virtual School Option to suit Your Student’s Needs

For many students, college preparation is something they will need to seriously consider the moment they begin their journey into high school—but, of course, just considering isn’t enough. If students want to succeed and enter a good university, they will need to ask themselves what it will take to qualify, and what major they will study when they are accepted. These questions can be difficult for young students to answer on their own. At PowerX Online Academy, we serve as your guide through our many programs and learning resources.
To make the transition easier, and to help high school students on their way to college, we constantly engage our learners in activities tailored at moulding them for the future ahead of them.

College Entrance Exams

Our standardized test preparatory classes are topnotch. As a global virtual academy, we have a wide range of college entrance exams preparatory classes for our students willing to study in colleges in the UK and in Africa.

For the UK, US, Canada etc: We offer Cambridge IGCSE courses in English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Further Mathematics and more.

For Africa: we offer preparatory courses across all subjects in SSCE and UTME.

We also offer other varieties of great courses needed to succeed in this present times : Coding & Robotics/STEM classes, Business coaching, Entrepreneurship coaching, Arabic language and many more.

Admission to a university partially depends on your IGCSE score. A higher score will make you more competitive and appealing to universities. This is because these tests are seen as a barometer of how well you will perform at a college level.

Preparing for these tests can be daunting, but rest assured that with PowerX Online Academy you can get a good score.


Pretests are a great way to judge your capabilities on IGCSE. At PowerX Online Academy, we regularly test our students with past papers and other examination models. These drills serve as the yardstick to measure your capabilities and boost your confidence.
Confidence is a matter of preparation and you will be more confident if you have prepared well for your standardized test.

Think About Your Career

An important step in college preparation is to plan your college degree and studies around the career you hope to pursue after graduation. Think about the skills you will need to succeed in your line of work and find out what the most successful people in your chosen industry studied when they were in school. Relevant degrees that provide you with real-world skills are invaluable once you graduate.