Curriculum Development Experts

The Curriculum Development Team of PowerX Online Academy is dedicated to developing a high-quality online curriculum that delivers actual results and prepares students for college through the application of classroom teaching experience, subject matter expertise, advanced degrees in instructional design, curriculum development, and educational technology.

They identify the skills and objectives that the students need to learn and achieve. Thus, they create lessons and assessments to assist students practice and develop those skills.

Bringing Lessons to Life

Our curriculum development team reviews and selects the best texts and instructional materials from leading publishers to weave into units, lessons, and activities.

The resulting curriculum engages students in individual study as well as collaboration with their classmates which thus enhance students to learn how to think independently and work together.

Exciting Courses and Electives

Aside from core courses as Mathematics, Science, Language arts(English, Arabic) for every grade, we also offer Advanced Placement courses in Cambridge IGCSE and others.

Electives are offered at every grade level as well, allowing students to broaden their skills and explore new interests.

We keep getting better

On a daily basis, we work to improve and refine our Academic Curriculum to ensure that it meets great standards, as well as those set by leading educational organizations.
We’re committed to continuous improvement, reviewing and revising our curriculum regularly. As part of this ongoing review, we ask students and parents in Online Academy to complete our survey forms regularly.

Leaner friendly Timetable

PowerX Online Academy runs a learner friendly subject timetable that enables students join our virtual classes with ease. Our administrators regularly send a reminder of the schedule of upcoming lessons and activities. This way, parents/ guardians can keep tabs on the daily schedule of activities of their children/wards.