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Welcome to PowerX Online Academy [ BN2581262], a tuition-free Online Global Classroom where we give the highest priority to education for kids anywhere in the world. We are delighted that you have chosen us as the place to educate your child. We take this responsibility very seriously. We do not doubt that you have made the right choice. Our course contents have been prepared by academic experts from different fields of learning, and the children learning outcomes exceed typical growth. We will work in partnership with your child and yourselves to ensure the very best educational experience possible. We aim to provide an experience that allows your child to be very well prepared for both the present and the world they will inherit in the future.


i. Our mission is to provide a tuition-free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.
ii.To provide quality education that is accessible and affordable to the kids around the world.
iii. To inspire kids to learn and thrive in our fast-changing world.


Our students' performances have improved significantly all thanks to our outstanding, qualified, international instructors. The positive feedback from our learners and their respective parents have been phenomenal.

PowerX Academy With A Difference

Our virtual classes are live and interactive with such academic approach that embraces the fact that every child comes to PowerX Academy with their hopes and aspirations. To meet these needs, we believe it is important to encourage the pursuit of academic endeavors within a conducive environment that promotes each student’s ability and learning style. Everyday, thousands of students visit PowerX Academy and learn various topics from our classes. They solve different problems and interact with teachers and other students, making PowerX Academy a Global Classroom.

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We are supported only by donations. If you would like to help continue and improve free education for kids, your generosity will be greatly appreciated no matter how large or small.

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